Picofarad Frequently Anticipated Questions

This FAQ was written as I was just getting Picofarad started, so they couldn't very well be frequently asked questions...

How can I get a printed copy of Picofarad?
When I go to a convention, I'll distribute the current issue there and the convention will be mentioned on the front page of this site. Other than that, you can get it by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to 1435 SW 211th Ave., Beaverton, OR 97006 and specifying which issue you want. Issues not yet created may also be specified, but I make no guarantees about them ever coming into existence.
Who is "Chris"?
Chris French, my live-in military historian.
What do those convention terms mean?
Furry: Dedicated to the appreciation of anthropomorphic art and fiction. For more details, see the Furry InfoPage.

Gaming: A general gaming convention runs the gamut from tabletop role-playing to collectible card games to board games to LARPs.

LARPs: Live-Action Role-Playing games.

Media: Focused on movies and TV shows rather than books.

Relaxacon: A small convention for those who would rather just sit around and chat. The traditional big events of a general sf convention will be scaled down or omitted.

Symposium: An academic gathering for the presenting of papers and scholarly discussion; none of the events of a typical convention.

Can I send you a submission, or is this a perzine?
I welcome submissions of art and articles. The Encounter Log is the only strictly personal bit; I'll take editorials, con reports, full-length reviews, whatever.
So what are the submission guidelines?
All text submissions: I can handle plaintext, Word, HTML, and WordPerfect files (but please stick with plaintext for the body of your message).

Art: For drawings, either GIFs or JPEGs are fine. Picofarad's printed page size is about 4.5" wide by 7" high. It's printed in black only, but with a colored sheet for the outside pages; if you send cover art, feel free to suggest a background color.

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